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Hi I was 3rd in Cat (A) in this race 10/12/19 HBR05 by Herd Racing League (Americas) but now I have been demoted to 2nd in Cat (B) and you can clearly see I am an A, shouldnt I be 2nd in Cat (A)???
Thanks for that,I use a Kickr trainer too
Garmin Vector
Sorry 27/09/19
Hi I recently raced GGCC TT (28/09/19)and calibrated before hand but my numbers were pretty high afterwards so can you please disqualify me as its not very fair on the rest of the racers taking place and I don't want to look like a cheat. Cheers,Norman Henderson.
Hi there, sorry i'm pretty new to this but why haven't last weeks results been added to the league 8/6/19??? Cheers, Norman Henderson.