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surely if two A's are working together from the start you cant just fly off with the B's when they're group catches you, I thought that was a disqualification so I stayed away from them!
Your probably right but I wasn't using the B group for an unfair advantage I was trying to stay ahead of the group and draw the other 2 A guys out and work with them, but failed. I wasn't letting the B group pass me with 2 cat A in it if they weren't there then yeah it wouldn't be a problem tbh I ne...
Haha I was racing in my own cat 'A' and when i got dropped an caught by B's I was at the front most of the time so you cant say I was using B's draft to catch anyone cos there was no one to catch as the front group of A's were over 40 secs away :lol:
I don't see the problem us A's being in the B group we were on the front as much as anyone else. Where do you want us to go, quit!?
ah right,thanks Sticky.
I started this race in Cat B as I am 44yr old, how come I have been placed in Cat D???
Yeah that's what usually happens mate but this one that never happened which was pretty strange when I read after it was TT bikes only
Hi, the winner of this race was not on a TT bike, surely that is against the rules?
Yeah Si I dunno why they changed mine to (B) mate,the other guy is an actual Cat (B) so that will be right as we werent over the 20 min mark, I think thats how they work it!?
Hi I was 3rd in Cat (A) in this race 10/12/19 HBR05 by Herd Racing League (Americas) but now I have been demoted to 2nd in Cat (B) and you can clearly see I am an A, shouldnt I be 2nd in Cat (A)???