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It would require too much code adjustment right now to get working, but maybe at a later date.

The general rule for ZPoints are any races with a Zwift segment that goes up hill.
The rank shown on profile is cached at the start of each day.
If a number of past races have been regenerated your current rank may change. This can be seen live in the BEFORE column. Your profile will update to this the following day.
Use the column dropdown on both profile and results.
The bug was caused by you having a manually selected category on your profile with a date in the future. The code was confused and didn't register. It has now been fixed.
Let me guess, Apple TV? Most issues arise from that.

I've updated results to include you.
This is the race:

I've attempted to force you into results but because no other riders finished in the B category the code is not playing nice.
ZwiftPower was never setup to handle duplicated categories in an event. In this case there are Two "E" categories, so only one gets picked up at random.

A code update was planned but never implemented as it was a rare occurrence.
It lists A by default. Click "B" and it will show you there.

I'll be updating results to remove men from "B" some time tomorrow.
It appears Zwift have failed to apply a womens only flag to the B category in all Stage 2 events.