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I've pulled the appropriate lever, and you're now in the results, at an estimated 46:38. (The issue here is that ZP didn't receive finish line data for you, so your finishing time is estimated.)
A's are defined as >= 4.0 w/kg AND FTP >= 250W. The rider in question is listed as weighing 51kg, and has an estimated FTP of 216W.

That said, a 170cm rider weighing 51kg is unusual. Looking into it.
Given that your first race was rather short, it's likely that your power figures for it were somewhat higher than than they would be in a standard-length race. In any case, you can ride as a B in your next race without fear of being DQ'd.
Prior to the race, you were ranked as an A rider based on your result from the 19th. You can see this in the results “live” tab, where the left-most column shows a rider’s assigned category at race start. You entered the B race, and so were given an Upgrade DQ After the race, zwiftpower does now con...
Normally you'd be DQ'd for going so high above category power limits. But given that it was your first ZP race, and thus your proper category may well have been unclear, I bumped you up to the B's.
Done; but it might be time to upgrade...;)
Sorry didn’t see this until just now, literally as the race is starting. :(