Level 22
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Race Ranking 587.28 pts in 14,278th
WKG Category B 39 races
ZPoints 2,271 pts in 8098th
Country Austria
FTP 290w ~ 73kg
Age Master
30 Days Year Total
Distance 52 km 2,618 km 4,090 km
Climbed 537 m 31,166 m 44,179 m
Longest 35 km 61 km 61 km
Highest 424 m 1,310 m 1,310 m
Wins Losses Margin
# Date Race Lag avg watts NP 20m 5m 2m 1m 30s 15s 5s Avg Max Hrr Type Before Result Gain
Fastest segments in the last 90 days
Segment Best Effort
Best power and wkg data in the 90 days
Range Power Points Assignment
Time vs yours Route Laps Race Avg NP Avg Avg
Start Date Name Elapsed Avg Avg Max Cadence Calories
Start # Title Categories Distance Laps Course
Note: Switching between imperial and metric in Zwift can alter your weight by 0.5kg and height by 2cm. These changes are logged here but should not be considered intentional adjustments by the rider.
Date Name Event
Feb 20th 2019 Initial Height Check 73kg 180cm
Jun 11th 2019 Stefan Menia (RSC DONAUESCHINGEN) 73kg 181cm SZR iTT Summer Racing League
Apr 30th 2019 Stefan Menia (RSC DONAUESCHINGEN) 73kg 180cm Tour of Watopia: Stage 2 - In Hot Pursuit
Feb 7th 2019 Stefan Menia 75kg 3R LaGuardia Loop Flat Race - 6 Laps (17.5km/10.9 162m)
Feb 6th 2019 MM 65kg SZR Winter Race Series
Jan 31st 2019 HOHTAL RIDERS (RSC DONAUESCHINGEN )3982 74kg Southeast Asia (SEA) Ride Challenge
Jan 30th 2019 HOHTAL RIDERS (RSC DONAUESCHINGEN )3982 57kg United Cycling: January Conquer the Mountain
Jan 8th 2019 HOHTAL RIDERS (RSC DONAUESCHINGEN )3982 74kg Flanders De Ronde Race
Jan 6th 2019 HOHTAL RIDERS (RSC DONAUESCHINGEN )3982 55kg Fearless Beginners Race - Women's Only - Under 7mi/11.5km
Jan 5th 2019 Stenine Menia (RSC DONAUESCHINGEN )3982 75kg Team Italy Gladiators Race
Jan 3rd 2019 Stenine Menia (RSC DONAUESCHINGEN )3982 58kg 3R Volcano Circuit Sprint Race - 1 Lap (6.7km/4.2mi)
Dec 22nd 2018 Stenine Menia (RSC DONAUESCHINGEN )3982 75kg ZBR Saturday Rehabilitation Group Ride