Level 38

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Skill B 4803 pts in 939th position
Country Belgium
Races 197
Team BZR cycling team
FTP 309w
# Date Race 95% (of 20min) Avg NP 20m 5m 2m 1m 30s 15s 5s Avg Max Type
Best power and wkg data in the 90 days
Range Effort 1 Effort 2 Effort 3 Average
Fastest segments in the last 90 days
Segment Effort 1 Effort 2 Effort 3 Average
Time vs yours Route Laps Race Avg NP Avg Avg
Date Name Elapsed Avg Avg Max Cadence Calories Options
Segment 5 Best times in last year Average Cadence Avg Max
Date Time Name
Sep 25th 18:15 Stephan Tytgadt (BZR Admin) 77kg 0cm
Sep 24th 12:00 Stephan Tytgadt (BZR CEO) 77kg 0cm
Sep 11th 18:00 Stephan Tytgadt (BZR CEO) 78kg 0cm