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The WTRL Team Time Trial (TTT) allows teams of 4-8 Zwifters to race against the clock together to achieve the fastest possible times on Road Bikes. Visit the WTRL website for more information, rules, results, TEAM REGISTRATION, START TIME and PEN ALLOCATION

About WTRL Team Time Trials.

Teams are encouraged to use Discord and start their races at 1 minute time intervals. Each team member usually takes a turn to "pull" at the front while teammates "sit in" and draft behind. After their turn, the lead rider reduces his power, allowing the next rider to take the lead, and drops to the back of the team. Smooth acceleration is key to avoid gaps forming in the line of team riders so keep a close eye on the rider in front of you.

Should one team catch and overtake another, the overtaken team is be expected to drop back and not draft the overtaking team. The overtaking team can aid this process by speeding up through the overtake.
The FOURTH rider to cross the finishing line in a team of 5 to 8 riders (THIRD for a team of 3 or 4) sets the time for the team. This means that each team will try to get their first four (at least) riders across the finish line in a tight group: it is actually a disadvantage for any rider to finish far in advance of the fourth rider, as by staying back a faster rider can help the fourth rider to get a quicker time through the draft.
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