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Welcome to the Run in the Park Winter League.

The League will run for 12 weeks from the 14th Dec 2019 with the last event on the 29th Feb 2020.

Please enter the category that aligns with your personal best finish time. There will be an element of flexibility to allow for sprint finishes etc but people consistently running in a category below their ability may be disqualified.

The groups are based on Zwift guidelines as shown in the event description either on the website or on the ZCA and are detailed below

Group A - 5km finish time of less than 22:20 or an average pace quicker than 4:29m/km(7:12m/mile)
Group B - 5km finish time of between 22:21 & 25:00 or an average pace of between 4:29m/km(7:12m/mile) and 5:00m/km(8:03m/mile)
Group C - 5km finish time of between 25:01 & 28:51 or an average pace of between 5:00m/km(8:03m/mile) and 5:46m/km(9.17m/mile)
Group D - 5km finish time of more than 28:52 or an average pace less than 5:46m/km(9.17m/mile)

Points will be awarded for the top 5 finishers in each category based upon the fastest times across all events on the day. All participants outside of the top 5 will earn 2 points

The points structure is 8,7,6,5,4 and the final league will be based upon your best 9 runs.
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