2018-10-12 16:00:00
Greater London Flat 6 Laps 75 km
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Find your graph and join us on some high level endurance training. The maximum watt output in Zone 2 is determined by your FTP, so we have all different poweroutput in endurance zone. In this workout we group up in different gruppettos based on you`re endurance abilities.

Ride leader will form the fastest gruppetto and avg pace will be +/- 3,5 w/kg avg. If you cant keep up with the front gruppetto, you are to form your own gruppettos according to your Z2 abilities. Let the faster gruppettos be your motivation to gain higher Z2 output during the next weeks.

The exercise will give you endurance and increased performance using fat as energy. A well-developed AnT can give you better performance in race and more and longer effect before your body uses glycogen stores.

As a gruppetto you are better of working together as a team. Remember this when you approches bumps along the way.

So find your graph and paint it blue. Give the body a good foundation for Zwift racing.

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