Over Ones

2018-10-12 17:10:00
Greater London Flat 70 minutes
All riders visible Late joining
5min and 20min CEVAZ limits apply

E SZR London 1 lap Greater London Flat from Start Banner (Easy)

Did you miss Zwift Academy 2018? Curious what it's all about? Or are you sad it's over and want some more of those awesome workouts? The 10 main Zwift Academy workouts will continue to run in Group Workouts until the Semi-Finals start on October 15th. No ZA credit, but here's your chance to learn about the program and continue to boost your fitness!


Welcome to Zwift Academy! This first workout is a high intensity session looking at your ability to produce quality race efforts over 1 minute in duration. There is ample recovery between the intervals, so you will be able to produce your best efforts for the target duration.


Kevin Poulton and Elliot Lipski are the coaches responsible for the Zwift Academy program. Coach Kevin has 15 years of coaching experience, with a focus on the successful implementation of indoor training. Under his guidance, athletes have won Paris-Roubaix, Grand Tour stages, World Tour classics, and numerous National and State Championships. Coach Elliot previously worked at TrainSharp Coaching where he designed the 2016 and 2017 Zwift Academy workout programs. He is now a coach for the Team Dimension Data U23 team.


Zwifters line up in the starting area just like a normal event and once the event starts, workout mode begins. Everyone stays together regardless of power output. That's right, if you're outputting 100W and another Zwifter is outputting 400W you will stay in exactly the same position relative to each other. Only if you stop pedaling and fall 6 meters behind the group will the rubber-banding stop.


We highly recommend doing one of the FTP tests as the estimated FTP can be inaccurate and make the difficulty level of the workouts too high for your current fitness level.

For more info on FTP go to: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/arti ... d-in-Zwift

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