WBR 1 Flat Lap #pst Race (6.4 mi / 10.3 km)

2018-01-23 19:40:28
London Classique 1 Laps 11 km
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5 mins at 6wkg+ requires ZADA approval

A B C D SZR London 1 Lap Classique from Start Banner (Easy)

This is a RACE brought to you by TeamWBR to help draw attention to how Buffalo Bikes can benefit the world's many transport needy families. If 8 or more QUALIFIED racers start, then the results will be reflected in CVR rankings. Expect the race to be highly competitive across all CATs. In order to make the racing as fair as possible all racers on zPower, lacking heart rate monitors, or riding very unrealistically can be disqualified upon appeal to the WBR Race Organizers. We hope that everyone gets a great HIIT workout and has some good fun in this part of WBR's #prostyletraining offering. #rideon #powerofbicycles #wbrRides4africa #zwiftΔracing please see http://www.teamwbr.org/r/1-flat-lap-race/

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