Le Col New Year's Day Century Celebration

2020-01-01 18:30:00
Watopia Flat Route 4 Laps 41 km
All riders visible Scoreboard Late joining No TT bikes
5min and 20min CEVAZ limits apply
A B +2 mins C +4 mins Distance: 41.1km Elevation Gain: 239m Starts from: Watopia Pier Strava route


The New Year’s Day Century Ride is a timeless cycling tradition where riders knock out their first 100 miles of the new year. For 2020, Zwift is bringing the fun indoors. Say hello to the first annual Le Col New Year’s Day Century Celebration.

Three groups. Three distances. Three chances to kick off the new year right, no matter what your fitness level is. Take your pick, and complete any distance to unlock the stylish in-game Le Col kit and get your hands on some awesome real-life prizes.


Nope! It's a personal challenge against the distance and the clock. Some will ride it like a race but there’s no winner, no podium. It's all about doing your best and finishing the distance you signed up for.


A Group // Imperial Century (100 miles) – For Zwifters up to the challenge of riding 5+ hours on a trainer. We salute you.

B Group // Metric Century (62.5 miles) – For Zwifters who think riding a “hundred” means 100 kilometers, we have your back.

C Group // Quarter Century (25 miles) – For Zwifters who partied a bit too much the night before, we have your back. Introducing the Quarter Century. We applaud you for even making it to the start line.


All riders will be automatically assigned the in-game Le Col kit. Upon finishing your distance, the kit is yours to keep.


10 lucky Zwifters who complete any distance will be chosen at random to win a complete real-life Le Col Summer Kit—jerseys, bibs, socks, gloves, and a cap. In addition, Le Col is also offering discount codes to anyone who finishes their chosen distance.

- Quarter Century: Le Col 10% discount code to apply to a future online order
- Metric Century: Le Col 20% discount code to apply to a future online order
- Imperial Century: Le Col 30% discount code to apply to a future online order



WORLD: Watopia
ROUTE: The Pretzel
DISTANCE: 100 mi // 161 km
DETAILED ROUTE INFO: https://zwiftinsider.com/the-pretzel/

Note: This event will end at exactly 100 mi (160.9 km). Zwifters will complete two full laps of The Pretzel plus 10 additional miles (16 km).


WORLD: Watopia
ROUTE: Mega Pretzel
TOTAL DISTANCE: 62.5 mi // 100km
DETAILED ROUTE INFO: https://zwiftinsider.com/mega-pretzel/

Note: This event will end at exactly 62.5 mi // 100 km. Zwifters will complete almost one full lap of the Mega Pretzel.


WORLD: Watopia
ROUTE: Watopia Flat
TOTAL DISTANCE: 25.6 mi // 41.2 km
DETAILED ROUTE INFO: https://zwiftinsider.com/flat-route/

Good luck Zwifters!

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