Team CLS Chill 'n' Spin (28.1 km / 255m elev)

2019-06-23 17:50:00
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1.8 to 2.0 w/kg SPINNING, 2.5 to 3.0 w/kg SHORT RAMPS.

Come and join the Team at 18:50 for our weekly Chill 'n' Spin Ride and our once in a week opportunity to UNLOCK our awesome new Team CLS 2019 Kit. Prepare to take it easy for a change as we focus on RECOVERY and BANTER, you may even bump into some of our famous ORANGE ARMY !!!

Like all our events please make sure you can hold the above pace as we cannot reduce this at the expense of other riders although we will help to tow you back for drop-outs etc. We recommend you try to spin at 80 to 90 cadences on this one and then reduce your cadence to 60 on any short ramps to stretch the legs out. The course choice will be FLAT but keep your eye out for Blakey’s ‘Sneaky’ sprint finish, can he catch you out or not?

WARNING - Please only attempt a sprint finish if you feel your legs are sufficiently warmed up to do so. Sudden high intensity efforts on cold muscles is not advised. Many members of our Orange Army and regulars will have been working hard to bring riders back or doing intervals off the back so may be ready for a last minute effort.

The leader will make W/Kg calls throughout the ride especially if we are easing to pull some riders back. Remember this is a recovery / beginner ride so FOCUS should be on riding WITH the bunch around the beacon as closely as possible. Do that and everyone will enjoy and understand what Team CLS all about is. So, for people relatively new to Zwift this is a perfect ride for you and it has also proved popular for riders recovering from injury, as it places very little strain on the body and is a relatively short session.

For stronger riders, this is aimed at spinning out those tired legs and having a relaxing 60 minutes or so to burn off a few extra calories, freshen up and participate in ‘Group Chat’. If you do want to inject a bit of a workout we suggest you drop 15 to seconds off the pack and chase us down, you can do this as many times as you want…..we call it a Matterval, named after one of our regulars but please let the leader know if you are so they don’t mistake you for a dropped rider and send the Orange Army back to assist.

For those of you just getting into indoor Turbo Training, we are here to support you all the way, answer any questions you may have and demonstrate how much fun it really is. Please use Tag - (CLS) after your Surname to help us identify riders. You are at home so can do whatever works for you to recover for the week ahead or practice your new Zwift skills. Using gears is as important on Zwift as it is In Real Life (IRL) and this is a great ride to hone those skills. Remember throughout the ride any short ramps we lift the active pace by at least 0.5 w/kg but then settle back to the set pace ASAP so watch out for them.


You will be accompanied by members of our famous ‘ORANGE ARMY’, members of TEAM CLS who are dedicated to their vocation of helping others. If you have had a drop out or accidently hit a wrong key, type ‘HELP’ and you will be swarmed by members who will come back and help you back to the group. When drafting back to the group the pace will be higher so you will need to be able to hold 2.5 to 3.0 w/kg then but you will not be alone.

ORANGE ARMY members can be recognised by their Long Orange Socks, but long serving members will also be wearing an Orange Cap and many now have Orange Trons or on occasions Buffalo Bikes. PLEASE TAKE NOTE, all you need to do is type ‘HELP’ and will do our best to draft you back to the main group. Unfortunately we cannot come back and help if you are just unable to hold the described pace as this is not fair on the other riders.

1. If you have a technical issue or have accidentally pressed a wrong button that has caused you to drop off the back and you are struggling to get back just type – ‘HELP.
2. Do not ask us to come back and support you if you are unable to hold the described pace.
3. If you don’t type ‘HELP’ we won’t send the Orange Army back automatically … you have been warned. (Practise your in Ride typing skills in advance)

NOTE - If you use Zwift Power and have ridden off the front and not supported the group we will re-classify your CAT as MICE after the event. You keep your data but it comes at an embarassing price !

For your information our events include
Mon 18:30 UK - Fast ‘n’ Furious Flat Race, A,B,C and D CATs
Tues 18:50 UK - This ‘n’ That Climbing and Tempo Workout, B and C CATs
Thur 18:50 UK - High ‘n’ Low HIT Interval Workout, B and C CATs
Sat 08:40 (Jersey Unlock) and 14:45 UK - Races, and Club Rides, see Zwift Events for details
Sun 18:50 UK - Chill ‘n’ Spin Recovery Ride, D CAT (Jersey Unlock)

We run a Team Facebook Group, which we encourage people to follow for news and other group ride info and events and a place where you can even order our kit to wear in real life. It is also a great place to ask any questions you may have about Zwift and we will do our best to answer them for you. We have tried to put together a FULL weekly package that will allow riders to both enjoy their indoor sessions and back that up with some great workouts that will improve your fitness. Our Rides are entertaining throughout, and we have some fantastic regulars on every ride, so what are you waiting for, come and join us.

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See you down the Road.......’The Team’

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