2019-06-05 14:20:00
Watopia Figure 8 1 Laps 30 km
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Race Description

The Team CRYO-GEN 2UPTT Race series will be run over a 12 week period with event results being published on Zwift Power including an event series spreadsheet ( ... eam-events) Each race wil be scored individually for men and women

Race Rules

1 Power Up's Allowed

2 All Category A and B riders MUST use a HR Monitor for this event. Category C and D are advised to use a HR Monitor but not compulsory.

3 All 2 man/woman teams must be of the same category. Any team with a mixed category then the higher category will be used for the results

4 All 2 man/woman teams must be of the same category. Any team with a mixed category, then the higher category will be used for the results

5 All positioned teams will be verified for correct category. If a team is found to be in the wrong category they will be filtered to the correct category. In the event a team continue to categorise it's self incorrectly it may end in a DQ

6 All finishing riders in the race will remain on Zwift Power Results, however those who have not entered as a team will be filtered out the series spreadsheet.

7 Due to the nature of this event we understand that the same riders may not be availible each week and therefore rotation of rider teams is allowed.

8 7. Equipment: Whilst this is a TT Event TT bikes will not be used. This will allow individual teams to draft of each other. It is far to difficult to impose a Non drafting policy for rival teams not to draft.

1 All teams finishing in the correct category will be scored as folloing: 1st - 4 Points. 2nd - 3 Points. 3rd - 2 Points. All remainging Teams 1 Point

2 Teams will be scored on BLOCKS OF 2. If a team has entered numerous teams in the same category they will be scored as blocks of 2 even if they come in as a group of 4 or more.

3 There is a time restriction on all 2up Teams when corossing the line of 5 SECONDS which must be adhered to. If the rule is not adhered to the team in question will not be scored. All 2UP teams must cross the line within 5 seconds of their team mate. i.e Rider 1 crosses the finish line in a time of 15 mins 20 Seconds, the second rider must cross in 5 seconds or less to score(15 mins 25 max)

4 2 Different teams crossing the line at the same time: The time will be taken from the first rider from the first team as long as the 5 second rule has not been breached.

5 This is a team event and therfore scoring will be calculated on all team efforts and not that of individuals. Ther will be an Overall Team competition and a Category competition for men and women in the results.

6 There will be no KOM/QOM or Sprint points Awarded for this series.

Results can be found at the link provided above and in the 2UPTT FB page

Team assignments
# Rider Time Lag Primes avg watts NP 20m 5m 2m 1m 30s 15s 5s Avg Max Type ID Age Before Result Gain
# Rider Main Sprint Box Hill Forward Sprint Second Sprint Reverse KOM Forward KOM Reverse Sprint Forward Sprint Volcano Climb Volcano Circuit Alpe du Zwift Jungle Circuit Forward Epic Reverse Epic Volcano Circuit London Loop Fox Hill Leith Hill Keith Hill Forward KOM Forward Sprint UCI Lap Reverse Sprint Reverse KOM UCI Lap Libby Hill 23rd Street NY Climb Forward Central Park Loop NY Sprint NY Climb Reverse NY Sprint 2 Central Park Reverse Fuego Flats Short Fuego Flats Long TT Lap Titans Grove Reverse Titans Grove Forward Yorkshire KOM Forward Yorkshire Sprint Forward Yorkshire UCI Forward Yorkshire KOM Reverse Yorkshire Sprint Reverse Yorkshire UCI Reverse Type
Creation Date Rider Equipment / Filenames 5sec 15sec 1min 5min 20min Zeroes Missing
Lap Banner 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
# Rider Time avg power avg w/kg bpm type Category
Date Title Results Race ID Course Distance Categories Options
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