Tour of Watopia Stage 6 - Against the Clock

2019-05-18 08:00:00
Watopia Flat Route 3 Laps 31 km
All riders visible Scoreboard Women only category
ZwiftPower category overrides wkg
No ZPower winners
A B +1 mins SZR Watopia 1 lap Flat Forward from Off Ramp (Flat)

Get ready—Stage 6 is all about high-speed action. Consider this your own personal challenge. Give it your all and see how you stack up.

We’re back at Ocean Boulevard, trading climbs for the fast-paced Watopia Flat. Take off from the pier, continue downtown, and ride through an undersea tunnel into a familiar California coastline. Find your rhythm and stay on the gas. PRs will be broken today.

Course: Watopia Flat
Distance: 30.9km // 19.2mi
Elevation: 162m // 531ft


A tour is a huge cycling event, open to the entire Zwift community.

The Tour of Watopia is a 7-stage adventure across Zwift’s most popular world, remixed in 2019. New challenges. New rewards. New style of tour.

Starting April 2nd, we’ll be kicking off our Watopian expedition. Open to all, the Tour is a celebration of the world that started it all—with each stage exploring the island’s unique terrain. New features and altered ride functions have been added to each route. Stage 5 is a surprise-and-a-half. This will be a Tour to remember.

Riders of all levels are encouraged to join. Ride as many stages you like. If you miss one, don’t worry! We’ll have two make-up weeks, one in the middle of the Tour and one at the end.

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Unlock the 2019 Tour of Watopia Kit and Aero Bike Paint Job

Hard work pays off. Complete 5 stages and you’ll unlock this year’s official Tour of Watopia kit. Complete all 7 stages and you’ll unlock a Tour of Watopia paint job for your Zwift Aero bike.

- Ride 5 stages to unlock the official tour kit.
- Ride 7 stages to unlock the official tour Zwift Aero paint job.
- Each stage will occur over 7 days.
- You only need to ride the stage once on the day and time of your choice.
- Choose from any of the multiple event times each day.
- We will be offering 2 "make-up" weeks. The first occurs in the middle of the Tour. The second occurs at the end, after Stage 7.

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