CRYO-GEN The Dirty Dozen Team Tour Race 10

2019-01-13 14:00:00
Richmond UCI Worlds 4 Laps 64 km
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ZwiftPower category overrides wkg
5min and 20min CEVAZ limits apply
A B C D (Categories enforce w/kg boundary) SZR Richmond 1 Lap UCI from Start Finish Banner (Tough)

Race Description
Team CRYO-GEN The Dirty Dozen

This event is a Team event and will be run over 12 Stages to incorporate many of the classic courses on Zwift including some of the New York routes. The routes have been organised to suit both climbers and those who can ride the flat and undulating courses hard and fast. We wish to give all skills the chance to do well in the Tour.

The intention is to have as many rotating teams in the Tour as possible. We understand that many riders will be unable to attend each and every one of the races so we have decided that to ensure all teams continue to gain points in the absence of some riders, any team that enter will be able to rotate team members each week according to availability.

Normally team events are like most other races, when the gate goes up, every rider seems to go off like a bullet and it ends up being the best man/woman wins. If this procedure is adopted for this Tour the team will end up losing points regardless of where there fastest riders finish. This is a team event and the instructions/rules will ensure to a degree that teams will have to act as teams. The one exception in the entire event is that the very first race will be a ITT where all riders will receive points for them selves and the team they represent.

Team Configuration

1. Team composition maybe Male or Famale or if desired Mixed.

2. All Team members must be of the same category, except where there is a shortfall in the team, a replacement rider can be used but not from a higher category
than that of the category with the shortfall. The exception is that all of the lower category become the same category as the higher replacement.

3. It is not a requirement to use the same riders each week, riders can be rotated if required but the category must remain the same as in the previous race.

General Rules

1. No TT bikes (except for Stage 1 ITT)

2. Power-Ups are allowed

3. Team Members can be alternated each week but category must remain the same as previous race.

4. Zpower riders cannot win a race as an entire category team but can be part of a winning category team.

5. All Team members should be tagged to Identify parent team .i.e CRYO-GEN (A1), BRT (B2) and so on

6. Any Team that can not be identified will show in ZP results but will not be scored in Tour Results.

7. No Pre registering is required, all riders will be filtered by Team CRYO-GEN Admin and added to Tour Results

8. It is preferable that all riders wear HR monitors however we will accept Cat D and C not wearing them. Cat A and B must wear HR monitors

Team Specific Rules

This is where the team rules differ from other events where the first 3 riders to cross the line will be scored regardless of position.

To ensure that all teams work as teams and not as individuals the following specific rules apply.

1. A minimum of 3 team members must finish TOGETHER.

2. The maximum gap permitted between the finishing 3 riders should be no more than 10 seconds.

3. Any gaps in the first 3 riders exceeding the 10 second rule, that category team will be excluded from the final scoring of that race. (Not DQ)

4. All winning categories in each race, individual members will be verified for correct category entry.

5. Any Team knowingly entering a mixed category with a higher category and not re categorising that team will receive and instant DQ.

Tour and Stage Scoring

Scoring will be carried out in a descending order for individual categories and as a trade team final position

1. Stage 1 Greater London Flat ITT: Each category rider will receive the following points.

1st 6 points, 2nd 5 points, 3rd 4 points, 4th 3 points 5th 2 points every rider after will receive 1 point. Individual points will go towards team overall points.

2. Category points will be as individual points but as stated 3 riders must finish within 10 seconds of each other to receive the points.

3. There will be no KOM or Sprint Points on the Tour

4. Team over all results will be calculated on the individual ITT, the fastest team from each category up to a maximum of three category teams total (must be combination of
categories A,B,C B,C,D C,D,D and so on. The only exception to having the same category twice is for Category D.

Categories are as Follows:

Any rider exceeding their category upper limits will be notified that any further infringement will lead to that individual and the category team receiving a DQ for that Stage.
If the same rider receives a further infringement they will be removed from the results at that category. They can re-enter the remaining races in the higher category

Category A - 4.0W/KG FTP - 5.0W/KG FTP
Category B - 3.2W/KG FTP - 3.99W/KG FTP
Category C - 2.5W/KG FTP - 3.19W/KG FTP
Category D - 1.0W/KG FTP - 2.49W/KG FTP

All placed Riders/Categories will be verified for their category through Zwift Power Historical 90 day rides.

Full details of the CRYO-GEN Dirty Dozen Tour ... eam-events

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