Team EN Cruise and Crush East Coast

2019-01-13 12:50:00
Watopia Figure 8 90 minutes
All riders visible Late joining
ZwiftPower category overrides wkg
5min and 20min CEVAZ limits apply
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C SZR Watopia 1 lap Figure 8 from Off Ramp (Moderate)

Join Team Endurance Nation for our legendary Winter weekend workout! This session combines steady state riding with high intensity efforts for Sprints and KOMs. We regroup after each big effort and continue on. All riders are welcome to join this event and be part of our Winter community group riding within Zwift.
Please Note: Riders must be BEHIND rider leader at the start of the final climb to be included in final results. Watch in-game messaging closely for instructions during ride.
Warm Up: 10 minutes with the Beacon at 2.0 w/kg.
Main Ride: Steady riding at 2.5 w/kg with Sprints and KOMs at your best effort.

TeamEN members chat on an app called Discord. Discord is not required, but the ride experience is enhanced by using it. Click on this link for more information about Discord and related setup:

For more specifics about this ride and various other Endurance Nation rides, go to:

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