YYC Saturday Night Ride

2018-11-11 03:30:00
Big Loop 1 Laps 42 km
All riders visible Late joining
5min and 20min CEVAZ limits apply
B SZR Watopia 1 lap Big Loop from Off Ramp (Tough)

Welcome to the YYC Saturday Night Ride. This ride was created for Zwifters who want to get some extra fitness after a full day of family obligations!

We will ride for approximately 75 minutes at a fast pace over a variety of terrain. This ride is designed for experienced riders who can hold 3.5-4.0 w/kg for the duration of the activity.
Please stay together as a group to maximize drafting effect and remain close to the Beacon at all times, except when we are climbing where the pace will be higher. We will ask faster climbers to wait for the group and re-group at the top of climbs, when applicable.

Special twist: the last 5 km of every ride will be treated as a race, or as a cool down at the participant’s preference!

Anybody is welcome but this is a drop ride, strong B category riders and A riders should enjoy the fast pace.

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