Zwift Fitness Recruit's Social Ride

2018-11-11 00:15:36
Volcano Flat 3 Laps 37 km
All riders visible Late joining
No ZPower winners
D SZR Watopia 1 lap Vulcano Flat Forward from Off Ramp (Flat)

Welcome to the Zwift Fitness weekly sub1.5 event.

This ride will be at a comfortable pace of 1.5w/kg for 60 minutes.

The aim is to get new riders & less stronger riders into group events without the fear of intimidation. Come and join the fun chat and feel free to ask anything Zwift.

Our aim at ZF is to HAVE FUN, so please interact during the ride, it makes for a much better experience for everyone. Discord is a great way to chat with others during the ride, we ask you remain respectful to everyone.

Be sure to give plenty of Ride Ons during your ride !!!

We kindly ask you don’t use a TT bike, the lack of draft within the group will affect the bunch from staying together.

Please respect the leader’s instructions, riding off the front only spoils the experience for the rest of the group.

We encourage you to add “TeamZF” after your name to increase the awareness of our great community and an easy way to identify you out on the road !!


Zwift Fitness are proud partners with Saris Brands. For more information regarding world leading bike trainers please visit

We also offer a range of different paced and formatted social rides, as well as group workouts. Please join our community on FB to keep up to date with promotions and giveaways.

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