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My local shop gave me a call today as I'm one of their biggest Zwift users in the winter (Canada, lots of snow). I didn't have an immediate answer so here goes.

They are thinking about setting up a weekly or monthly race/challenge. Now setting this up as everyone has to do it at the same time seems easy (standard zwift event), but does anyone know if it's possible to set up an event that you can tackle at anytime of a 24 period, and then have a leader-board? They did a 1 min power competition last winter, with a custom workout but the leader-board was on paper at the store, and they would love to try and make it compete-able from anywhere.


The way our group has run them is to choose a route that is on strava, whether that is a km or a figure 8 etc. Set up a strava group that entrants join. You then filter your group by that segment and by the setermined date (24 hours/weekend etc)
Forgot to say that you need to determine if it's a TT or not as if you choose a segment used in races most would do it faster in a race group.

As far as I know what you are asking can't be arranged in Zwift as an event yet.