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Power metrics are no longer processed between 17:00 and 22:00 (GMT) due to increased server load. They will appear later.
All riders are correctly listed now. If you are missing it is due to a network issue your end or Zwift bug. You'll likely not have a result screen in companion app either.
I have reverted to using activities instead of accumulated distance (as seen in companion app etc). This would probably fix backdated badges, but that will be tested on the final count once the new challenge ends.

Side note: Make sure you save activities and make them public for them to count.
Updated: December 7th 2019 Due to increased load and the need to maintain core site functionality the following restrictions are in effect: 1. Workouts are no longer tracked. 2. Events may be tracked from 2 to 4 hours depending on current server load. At busy times all events are limited to 2 hours....

For others who read this, 1351501 is your Zwift ID.
Due to a code decision long ago the system can only process individual categories in a race.

This may be updated when I have time, but for now anything with 2 categories for men and women such as E (Men) / E (Women) will only display results for one of those.
Done. Please verify weight is correct before entering a race in future.
This route has been broken for a while. No idea if/when it will be fixed.
The tag used to be assigned at time of event but due to bugs that were never fixed it no longer works. Currently the team displayed on the results will be the team you were on when those results were last generated. This process usually lasts upto a week, but someone may have to edit results at a la...
I will eventually move this to a wiki entry once enough data has been provided. If you can help fill in the blanks or add more entries please do so. 24 hour Distance Record 1st. 22nd December 2019 - Kurt Pauwels rides 986.6km. Total time off the bike : 6 minutes. Weight 80kg, NP 221w. Strava 2nd. 22...