Philippines Nationals Training Race (bi-weekly)

2018-11-10 02:35:32
Volcano Climb 2 Laps 46 km
All riders visible Scoreboard Women only category
A B +1 mins SZR Watopia 1 lap Vulcano Climb from Off Ramp (Tough)

The Zwift Philippines Nationals Training Race aims to familiarize Zwift riders (particularly Philippines and Southeast Asia riders) to the Zwift National Championships (ZNC) race rules and mechanics (while we wait to be included in the next ZNC race).

This TRAINING RACE is OPEN TO ALL Zwift riders. The pace will be fast from the start. Fight for the top honors or battle for position and see where you stack up against other Philipine Zwifters and guest riders from other countries. Only Philippine riders will be considered for the race winner standings.

Zwift National Championships rules will apply. ZNC rules and mechanics are subject to change at the sole discretion of Zwift.

Power Ups: Allowed at all times
Bikes: No TT bikes
Categories: OPEN (all categories can join)

Riders must register at before the race. By entering this event, you agree to the terms and conditions at You now need to "OPT-IN" in your Zwift account settings to share your data to ZwiftPower.

Your Zwift account must be linked to Strava. Strava data for the Zwift National Championships races must be open (not private or hidden).

Riders producing over 5w/kg average or riding unrealistically may be disqualified from winning when flagged by another race participant. In the actual Zwift National Championships, such riders can only be reinstated after providing similar real-life matching performances verified by ZADA (

For this TRAINING RACE, Philippine riders are required to wear a heart rate monitor to be eligible for the win. Win eligibility will be based on Zwift account country/flag — not where you reside. Fly that flag! 🇵🇭

zPower riders are allowed to participate but are encouraged to have a heart rate monitor (HRM). HRMs will be required in the Zwift National Championship. zPower riders will not be eligible for the win.

WINNERS: The top Philippine finishers, based on results, will get the chance to race with the LEADER'S YELLOW BEACON at the following race. The top 3 Philippine finishers are requested to provide their Zwift-registered email address to Zwift Philippines to be able to have the YELLOW BEACON assigned to them for the next race. If the email address will not be provided, the next top finisher who supplied their email address will get the BEACON.

Please also be reminded that in the Zwift National Championships, riders are requested to join their country's race, out of respect and fairness to fellow Zwifters.

For more information on the 2018 Zwift National Championships, see ... ships-faq/

This TRAINING RACE will be held every 2 weeks.

Organized by: Zwift Philippines
Instagram: @zwiftphilippines

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